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Associate Director of Operations

part time up to 20h/week


Hermiona Education encourages interested individuals to apply for its newly opened Associate Director of Operation (DOO) position: we are looking for a person with experience in building and managing operational processes in a rapidly growing and scaling company. We hope to hire an enterprising colleague ready to take on responsibilities within our international team.

Hermiona Education is an American company that helps clients begin their educational and professional journeys in the US, from choosing and applying to schools to finding internships and preparing for interviews. We work with children of all backgrounds and skillsets, and 100% of our clients gain admission to the most prestigious schools in the United States. Our students spend the academic year at Boston College and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and their summers at Brown, Harvard, and Yale.

The Associate DOO will, together with the CEO and Director of Operations, manage the strategic tasks of optimizing and automating internal processes, as well as the tactical tasks of introducing regulations into the work of the Hermiona team and maintaining a systematic approach to all of these assignments on a daily basis. Responsibilities will also include monitoring client interaction processes at all stages (including direct participation in client management).

It is important that a candidate for this position have experience in project management and process design in a company with a staff of 25+ employees, as well as experience creating a system for personal work and interaction with clients. The candidate must have flawless spoken and written Russian. Their level of English must not be lower than upper intermediate. Experience in education is a plus.

This is a part-time position, but it is important that the candidate be available for at least 20-25 hours/week in order to facilitate learning and immersion in company processes in the initial stages. Depending on the candidate, we are ready to discuss full employment: we have many plans and ideas that we want to implement! We will discuss the conditions of employment directly with the candidate in accordance with their qualifications and commitments.

To apply, please send your resume to We strongly recommend writing why you are interested in Hermiona and why you are a good fit for this position in a supplementary cover letter.

We look forward to getting to know you!

Formal description:

1. Organization of internal company processes:
• Monitoring compliance with the established workflow at all stages of work with clients: new client onboarding, terms of service provision;
• Organizing a tool for client management (Trello, CRM), setting up tasks, and writing out instructions;
• Continuously improving the process of working with clients (e.g., prescribed flow for each service, distribution of team tasks, task coordination);
• Automating routine processes: team reminders (e.g., time zone changes, first lesson reminders, sending reports, issuing invoices).

2. Interaction with the Hermiona team and clients:
• Scheduling regular classes: scheduling, organizing transfers to other tutors/cancellations if necessary (together with administrative assistant);
• Designing system for working with new clients: onboarding, gathering necessary information, maintaining client profiles, signing contracts, agreeing on the cost of services, and delegating responsibilities within work with the client;
• Ensuring proper customer accompaniment during school/university tours and summer programs (i.e., coordinating schedules and travel plans, resolving emerging issues on the spot);
• Updating the team page on the Hermiona website regularly, updating bios, removing unnecessary ones/adding new ones.

3. Finances:
•Creating clear and up-to-date price lists, together with the CEO and DOE – creating package offers, discount arrangements, and bonuses;
• Organizing and implementing billing processes;
  • For clients for the services provided (optimizing the tracking of the time spent by all team members);
  • Invoices from the team - CEO (team reminders);
  • Monitoring the timely payment of invoices by customers;
• Implementing a systemic upsell process for existing customers.

4. Hiring/team development:
• Determining the missing functional roles in the team (Associate DOE, summer manager, etc), describing these roles together with the CEO and DOE, and planning search tactics;
• Describing the onboarding process (briefing, first tasks, signing documents, monitoring, regular calls to assess progress and feedback) and implementing necessary changes;
• Updating documentation for the tutor team (contract with requirements);
• Organizing a regular quality control process for the work of the academic team.


• Experience in process design in a company with a staff of 25+ employees. Experience in education is desirable
• Experience in education is desirable
• Experience in building a customer service/personal support system and personal customer management
• Experience in hiring is a plus
• Ability to work 20 hours a week during training, then 10-15 hours a week
• Flawless spoken and written Russian. English level no lower than upper intermediate

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