Hermiona University

Spelling Workout!


This is an engaging, intensive Russian language course, with classes held daily over the course of a week. Every day, the instructor will spend 15-20 minutes explaining a particular rule of Russian spelling or grammar, and then will play a game with students to master the material. In addition, everyone will have a short homework assignment to complete for the next day’s lesson to further reinforce the concepts.

Age group:


Language of instruction:


Form of education:

Available days:

5 times/week; 15 minute sessions.
Interactive lessons in groups of 7-10 people





$75/10 lessons



Skills learned:

By the end of this course, students will know how to:
- Avoid common Russian spelling mistakes
- Recognize impact of syllables and stress marks on vowels in words
- Distinguish differences in spelling and pronunciation of hard and soft consonants


Applications are being collected for September - December