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Fedor Furtsev

Age: 17 years old

Grade: 10

Location before the war: Kyiv

Current location: Poland, Warsaw

Fedya and his mother approached Hermiona Education a few months ago with a request to enter a US university. Fedya's mother, Tatyana, told us about his dream to study there. Unfortunately, we did not have time to start full-fledged work on Fedya's admission campaign because of war.
Fedya with his mother managed to leave Ukraine almost immediately but his father remained in Kyiv. To this day, this remains a shock both for Fedya's family and for all of us. It seems that life has lost its colors and slowed down. And everything that was important has collapsed and no longer matters.
We cannot imagine the pain Ukrainian families are experiencing but we try to support all the students who apply to Hermiona and do everything possible to help them find opportunities for urgent admission to schools and universities.
In Fedya’s case we are sure that there are real chances to make his dream come true. We carried out a diagnostic interview with him where we saw Fedya’s potential and desire to develop in the field of chemistry. Also, our team learned that he was very seriously interested in mountaineering and rock climbing. Despite the fact that now is a very lean time and it is difficult to focus on academic tasks, Fedya was able to complete two diagnostic tests: SAT and ACT. Based on the test results, we determined where he needs to direct his efforts to get the best result.
In order to make his dream a reality, Fedya will have to work hard on the bid campaign. This requires additional funding that will cover the work of teachers and consultants, as well as provide an entry fee for tuition.

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