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Sofia Tsaryuk

Age: 17 years old

Grade: 11

Location before the war: Donets, Kharkov region

Current location: Ivano-Frankivsk

We met Sophia after she applied to our Sunflower Educational Fond. Her life, like the life of all people in Ukraine, was divided into "before" and "after". In September, she was going to start studying at the University of Kyiv but now Sofia does not understand if this will be possible.

In the current conditions people have no idea what will happen to their lives and the lives of their loved ones, and how to make plans in absolute uncertainty.
We interviewed Sofia and also asked her to share her thoughts on the future. She said that she wanted to study in the United States and gain knowledge so that, upon returning to her homeland, she would not allow the destruction of the dreams of the younger generation, as happened with Sofia's peers. She says that no one has the right to destroy other people's dreams, plans and lives. Read what beautiful words Sophia finds even in such a difficult situation in which she finds herself:

I always try to find love in life. Even when the day starts with spilled coffee on a shirt or a failed physics test. I keep repeating "Today is love". And I really see it everywhere. People, weather, words, poems, kisses, losses, victories and homework are love for me. But now I am most inspired by people who make love in times of war. People who propose. Soldiers of the Ukrainian army who find time to pet a cat at the front. People who bury their friends in Mariupol and put crosses on graves under fire, because they do not forget about humanity. I am inspired by the Ukrainian people, who are fighting for their independence without any fear, despite the number of people in the Russian army. Here is my main inspiration - Ukrainian people. My people

We support her position and want to make every effort to help Sophia realize her plans.
We have already selected a list of suitable universities for Sofia to apply to, and are now looking for funding for the main application campaign. We are sure that Sophia has many wonderful achievements in the future, and now we want to give her support in the present.

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