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Visual Arts

Merki Viktoria

Viktoria Merki is an artist, book illustrator, curator, and member of the Union of Artists of Germany. Since 1992, when her work first debuted in Berlin, hardly a year has gone by that she wasn’t featured at an international exhibit. From the 1995 “Art and World” Exhibition in Switzerland, to the 2015 “Garden of Time” Exhibition in the UAE, to the 2017 “World Wide Art Show” in the United States, Viktoria is truly an international inspiration. Today, her works can be found in private collections and museums across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, United States, Sweden, and Russia.

Ideation, Concentration, and Emotion Through Art

Running out of ideas for activities? Let your child’s creativity shine as they express themselves through drawing, dancing, and sculpting.

Age group: 6-10; 10-14

Visual Arts