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We at Hermiona know that the process of applying to and attending a U.S. college can be confusing and intimidating, and that’s why our expert-developed, step-by-step approach is customized to every student’s needs. Our goal is for students to achieve their unique purpose by pursuing a meaningful education that will bring out their potential.

In college admissions, particularly at highly selective universities like Harvard or MIT, it’s not just about the numbers. If that were the case, students with near perfect SATs and grades wouldn't get turned down by top colleges year after year. In fact, only about 20% of applicants in the top 1 percentile of test scores get into elite universities, like Princeton or Yale. The real secret to admission is applicants sharing their unique life stories and weaving compelling narratives in their college applications. The strongest applications include moving college essays that provide insights into students’ personalities and experiences and demonstrating genuine interest in universities, and much more.

Our services are personalized, easy-to-use, and delivered by experts who care about each student’s success. We personally interview each student and review his or her academic performance, personal preferences and professional goals to deliver a customized list of universities that will best fit the student’s long-term professional aspirations and interests. After these preliminary steps, we help compile all supporting documents (academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and standardized test scores), write a compelling personal statement, prepare for admissions interviews, and file the application itself. We take care of the hard part, so that you spend less time stressing about little things and more time doing what you love.


What do we offer?

  • Tailor-made lists of colleges (reach, target, safety) prepared on the basis of in-depth personal and academic assessments

  • Complete admissions support: preparing for SAT, SAT Subject Tests, TOEFL; working with recommenders; brainstorming essay topics; editing drafts; preparing transcripts; filing applications; coaching for interviews; accompanying on campus visits

  • Scholarship application support, including athletic scholarships

  • Motivating the student and keeping parents informed through what can be a difficult and stressful process

  • Advice on final college selection

  • Enrollment support


Still have questions?
To learn more about how we can help, request a consultation

What our clients say about us

“We really are so grateful — what you do is not easy! Thank you, and good luck to all of us!”


— Irina S., Moscow (Fall 2018)

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