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Yelena Kadeykina, Hermiona’s founder, likes to say that Hermiona is an important project for her because it’s more than just about education. “It’s about how we want to see the future,” she says. “It’s about how we want to help children.”

Our approach is built on three basic principles:

  1. An individual approach to each student and their family;

  2. The development of a multifaceted strategy for acceptance to a boarding school, summer program, or university; and

  3. Complete support throughout the educational experience.

Hermiona’s entire team is composed graduates of top universities whose goal it is to shape students’ futures for the better. But it’s not just that: many of our team members have immigrated to the US precisely for the education, and are sensitive to foreign students’ and families’ needs. Each and every one of us is invested in helping your student succeed, from the visa application process to post-acceptance support.


When you work with us, you change the way your student sees the future. You become a part of the Hermiona family.

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