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Career advice

At Hermiona, we measure success not by our acceptance rates, but by how our students flourish in their chosen programs and beyond.


To support this goal, we offer career advising services for most specialties. Our team members range in expertise from linguistics to political science to mathematics, and know what it takes to succeed in these fields. We conduct personal consultations with students, and help them choose an appropriate major, select and apply for suitable internships, practice for interviews, and ultimately excel in the job market.

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What do we offer?

  • Consulting on major selection

  • Internship search and placement assistance

  • Resume editing and cover letter preparation

  • Interview coaching


Still have questions?
To learn more about how we can help, request a consultation

What our clients say about us

“We really are so grateful — what you do is not easy! Thank you, and good luck to all of us!”


— Irina S., Moscow (Fall 2018)

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