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Summer programs

Summer is the time to relax and have fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also use it as an opportunity to explore new interests and deepen old ones. There are hundreds of exciting academic summer programs for students of all ages throughout the United States. These programs allow students to get a leg up on their classmates, get comfortable with college-level coursework, and develop the skills they will need to succeed later in life.


There are many programs from which to choose and the applications can be complicated, which is why the Hermiona team is here to help students and families navigate the process. After conducting an interview with the student, our team of experts will put together a personalized list of programs tailored to the student’s interests, dreams, budget, and areas for academic improvement. Once the student and family decide on their ideal program, a personal consultant will help the student gather the necessary application materials and craft a thoughtful application essay.


Our students have spent their summers at top universities and boarding schools all over the U.S. — at Harvard University (Massachusetts), Brown University (Rhode Island), Yale University (Connecticut), George Washington University (Washington, D.C.), Choate Rosemary Hall (Connecticut), and many more. At these schools, they have explored interests including public speaking, theater, astronomy, and economics. Having completed the programs, the students begun their school years refreshed from their summer experiences and excited to delve deeper into their new interests.


What do we offer?

  • Personal interviews for identifying interests

  • Customized proposals matching interests, availability, location preferences, and budget

  • Extensive experience selecting programs tailored to long-term goals

  • Complete application support with history of success - all clients placed

  • Relationships with boarding schools and colleges to facilitate in-program support


Still have questions?
To learn more about how we can help, request a consultation

What our clients say about us

“We really are so grateful — what you do is not easy! Thank you, and good luck to all of us!”


— Irina S., Moscow (Fall 2018)

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