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General strategy

One feature that sets us apart from other companies is our individualized “road map” we make for each of our students to set them on a path for long-term success. We begin by personally interviewing each student to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and interests. We then use this information, along with the student’s academic history and test scores (we offer diagnostic tests for those who have not taken them yet) to compile a list of “safety, “target,” and “reach” programs/schools. We then propose a strategy and timeline for the next several months or even years for how the student can best reach his or her goals.


Rather than achieving college admissions solely through test tutoring, we believe in the importance of helping students discover their interests, develop their academic skills, and build their confidence in preparation for interviews and presentations.


What do we offer?

  • Setting goals

    • Long term: Where do I want to be a year from now?

    • Short term: What can I do each month to make this happen?


  • Cultivating strengths

    • What am I good at, and how can I make sure this comes out in my application?

    • Which extracurricular activity should I focus on?


  • Scheduling priorities

    • What’s the optimal way to divide my time between schoolwork, standardized test prep, and extracurriculars?


  • Enlisting Allies (besides Hermiona)

    • With which teachers should I focus on building relationships?

    • Can I lead my friends in a volunteering project?


Still have questions?
To learn more about how we can help, request a consultation

What our clients say about us

“We really are so grateful — what you do is not easy! Thank you, and good luck to all of us!”


— Irina S., Moscow (Fall 2018)

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