Open House 2020

What: a special masterclass series organized to support a worthwhile cause

Who: 10 + years old who are interested in exploring new professions.

When: throughout the month of June 2020

Where: in a convenient online format, from the comfort of your own home

Mission statement

At Hermiona, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their dreams. Our annual Open House initiative raises awareness for Podari.Life, a non-profit organization that helps fund pediatric cancer treatment and research. We hope you will choose to join us in this critical task, and register today!


Does your child dream of becoming a journalist? An engineer? An artist? Or do they not know yet? To help them choose a successful life path, Hermiona has  gathered various professionals who are ready to share their experience and reveal their secrets to success. In series of master classes, “Professional Skills,” children will have the unique opportunity to learn about a plethora of jobs from those who have already reached success in their careers. Children will also be able to try out these different professions and perform real world tasks under the guidance of an expert, bringing them one step closer to understanding what they would like to do in life.


Alexander Shafarenko

Cybersecurity expert

Ksenia Turkova


Elena Skop


Viktoria Merki


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