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HermionaU — and why it stands out

With COVID-19, online education has been put to the test more than ever. Online courses have gone from a convenient option to a mandatory policy worldwide. Given the latest updates from WHO and various governments, it is highly likely that self-quarantine and shelter-in-place will continue through the summer, and in-person interaction between students and friends is unlikely to be a highlight of summer vacation for at least the first half of the season. When deciding which online courses to select, people find a wide variety of options, as well as difficulty figuring out which course will enrich their child's education the most. Here are just a few ways that Hermiona Education's online courses — as part of our new project, HermionaU! — stand out:

1) Our courses are heavily interactive

While many online educators are trained to simply teach and deliver information successfully, educators at Hermiona are trained to tailor everything to their students' needs. Detailed interviews and student profiles are put together to help each of us understand our students' backgrounds and personalities as we work with them. When our students come to class, the material has been specially selected for their learning styles, rates, and levels. In addition, we use interactive techniques to keep them engaged, like sending them encouraging messages outside of class to help them with homework, or even planning fun activities to keep the lesson memorable.

2) Our courses focus on the quality of instruction rather than the quantity of students

Many institutions correlate the quality of their courses with the number of students enrolled. Sometimes, it is applicable; outstanding courses gain popularity. However, a large quantity of students is not always equivalent to a high-quality course, especially if students are enrolled in that course just to fulfill a requirement. Here at Hermiona, the quantity of students isn’t related to the quality of our courses.

3) Our instructors are passionate about their fields – and even world-renowned experts in them

Our instructors select subjects that they are most passionate about, so nobody is ever "forced" to teach something just to fill a gap. Every educator here wants to be teaching the courses they teach. Every Hermiona educator has a unique specialty: foreign languages, writing, advanced mathematics, politics, etc. Our online classes are all personalized and driven by a love of learning. We should also mention that many of our instructors are at the top of their fields, from biology to public speaking! So, at HermionaU, you’re not just learning from Hermiona’s team of experts, but from Hermiona’s team of world-famous guest experts!

4) Our courses seek to give students a small dose of social interaction in addition to education

After weeks in self-isolation, students are lonely. They miss social interaction with friends. At Hermiona, we try to offer a bit of social interaction in addition to simply "teaching the material." We get to know our students, share some details from our lives as well, and try to make each online session worthwhile and engaging.

5) For years, we have been experts in online education

Hermiona Education has employed experts in online education long before the global transition to online courses. We know how to keep students attentive, how to gently remind them of their responsibilities, how to deliver material in a way that is memorable and interesting, and how to encourage them to keep moving forward. From the very beginning, we've wanted nothing but the best for our students, and that remains the same even during a worldwide shelter-in-place. Students who choose to study with us will be given an experience that is not only high-quality, but also interactive and specially tailored to their learning preferences.



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