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Pembroke Anna

Anna is an English teacher and writer based in London, England. She was raised in South Africa and Nigeria before moving to England to attend Marlborough College. She has been teaching at a top 10 language school in London since she qualified there a year ago, receiving her CELTA with a Pass A.
Anna has four years of teaching experience in a variety of contexts, including at an international boarding school in Malaysia.
In her spare time, Anna writes and has had short stories and poetry published in journals in the US and the UK. Her specialty lies in inspiring a love for literature, reading, and writing and she has worked with all ages.

IB Extended Essay summer writing seminar

The IB EE summer writing seminar serves three main purposes. First, our teachers guide students in “scaffolding” activities to help break down the research and writing process in a way that optimizes the quality of student work, from the introduction to the bibliography...

Age group:16-19


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