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If you have a smartphone with a video camera, or even better, your own video camera, then you are already a potential cinematographer. You have an itch to film the world around you. You start by experimenting with your loved ones: parents, siblings, dogs, or cats. Your camera begins frantically to capture everything that surrounds you. It runs with you, trying to cover the whole world, as your eyes run even faster. And in the end, we only see a flickering picture on the screen. This is because you haven’t yet mastered the secret of the art of the cinematographer, i.e. how to create a complete picture using many individual fragments. Using material from the real world around you, this course trains students in the various theoretical and technical skills of cinematography. They will apply these skills to develop a “video chronicle” of their families and schools, according to individual preferences and the opportunities provided.

Age group:


Language of instruction:


Form of education:

Available days:

Twice/week; 60 minute sessions.
Interactive lessons in groups of 7-10 people





$320/8 lessons


Applications are being collected for September - December




Skills learned:

By the end of this course, students will know how to:
- Connect multiple video fragments into one unified story
- Use “visual storytelling” techniques to tell a compelling narrative using only pictures
- Apply basic cinematography concepts, such as frame composition and camera movement


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