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Ideation, Concentration, and Emotion Through Art


Creativity is a child’s natural state. They endlessly ideate, play, sing, dance and draw. Children are free of adults’ fears of inadequacy and perfectionism. This interactive course is designed to strengthen and develop children’s sense of internal freedom. Students will learn to consciously concentrate, identify, and define their feelings and emotions, convey them through color, and independently create shapes and determine their meaning. They will be introduced to the basics of color and some of the world’s great masterpieces.

Age group:

6-10; 10-14

Language of instruction:


Form of education:




Skills learned:

By the end of this course, students will know how to:
- Express their feelings and emotions using shapes and colors
- Identify some of the world's most famous works of art and defining features of notable artists
- Implement basic drawing techniques to improve their art
- Concentrate on a single task until it is completed

Twice/week; 60 minute sessions.
Interactive lessons in groups of 7-10 people




$320/8 lessons

Available days:



Applications are being collected for September - December

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