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Hermiona University

Intro to Mixed-Media Art


In this course, students will develop the tools and confidence to create a piece of art that reflects the emotions and experiences they are going through, using mixed-media tools for safe self-expression and release in an uncertain world. This course will focus mainly on the art form of "zines", where students design a paper or digital booklet containing different forms of expression-- from poetry, to drawings, to listing out a playlist that gets them through the day. Ultimately, zines are a tangible representation of one’s ability to acknowledge, process, and produce something positive for oneself and the world, in times when being positive can feel impossible! Students will leave with experience in different media, ranging from poetry to digital art, to drawings, collaging, storytelling, goal setting, and journaling. The class will also feature opportunities for students to share and critique each other’s work.

Age group:


Language of instruction:


Form of education:

Available days:

Twice/week; 60 minute sessions.
Interactive lessons in groups of 7-10 people





$320/8 lessons


Applications are being collected for September - December




Skills learned:

By the end of this course, students will know how to:
- Define the theoretical approaches and guiding principles for a variety of artistic media
- Express their personal, artistic voice through drawing, composing poems, or dancing


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