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Education Global Open House

Hermiona Education is excited to announce the kickoff of our Global Open House initiative to celebrate International Children’s Month this June, 2019. 


Our educational consultant and cancer survivor Taylor Chin is here to explain how our personalized mentorship sessions with experts around the world both benefit you and contribute to Podari.Life, an organization which raises money for pediatric cancer treatment and research.


Who can benefit from personalized consultation sessions?

Mentees are individuals who are looking to develop their potential through education. They can be advised on their boarding school and college admissions strategy, grad school applications, career trajectory, and more. 

Who contributes to our personalized consultation sessions?

Mentors are professionals at various stages of their careers, who represent the top percent of their respective fields. They are all passionate about assisting young individuals to reach their dreams and to support the Podari.Life cause.



STEP 1: Make a donation of an amount you feel is appropriate to Podari.Life

STEP 2: Fill out the Mentee Interest Form

STEP 3: Get personally matched by Hermiona educational experts to an elite mentor, uniquely selected for your academic and/or professional needs

STEP 4: Partake in the Education Global Open House 2019, by going on your mentorship meet-up and developing a specific plan to proceed towards your personal goals and dreams

STEP 5: Continue to build a relationship with your star mentor, and join a community of highly successful individuals across the globe, united by their passion for innovation, education, and personal growth


1. Achieve your academic and professional goals by: 

  • Building a relationship with an experienced mentor

  • Becoming a part of a worldwide network of individuals passionate about education, professional development, and innovation.


2. Support a good cause while working towards your dreams -- Podari.Lifea non-profit which helps children suffering from cancer.


3. Take advantage of the resources that Hermiona Education offers, if you are interested in a top education in the US.


June 1st, 2019: 

(International Children's Day)

Kickoff mentorship meet-ups in the global hot-spot locations on the right.

June 2-30th, 2019:

(International Children's Month)

Continued mentorship meet-ups remotely and in-person.




• Almaty, Kazakhstan

• London, UK  

• Moscow, Russia​   

• Yerevan, Armenia          

• Boston, USA

• New York, USA

• San Francisco, USA    

• Washington DC, USA           


Photos courtesy of Podari.Life.

In order to further Hermiona Education's commitment to helping children reach their dreams, all proceeds from this event will go to Podari.Life, a non-profit organization that helps fund pediatric cancer treatment and research.

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