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In it for the long haul

I’m writing to you on a cold Philadelphia morning. It’s only December 5, but I feel like I’m ready to sleep for days.

The Hermiona team has been hard at work with our students since September, if not earlier. It feels like a race: we work on most of our regular students’ admissions until the end of December (sometimes a bit later), and then transfer season begins, so we are on the go until March.

It’s my fourth admissions season with Hermiona. And while I wish I could say that every year it gets smoother and smoother, every year it gets a little more stressful. How? Well, as Senior Educational Consultant, I get to know each and every one of our kids in some way. Whether they’ve had the joy of being my student (you know who you are) for tutoring or essay writing or I’ve helped them fill out the Common App, more and more students come into my life every year.

And as Hermiona -- thank goodness! -- grows, each year, I get to know a few more. And I feel personally responsible for their success. And I know I’m not the only one: outside of work hours, Hermiona team members get together and discuss how we can improve our strategy with a particular system or how we can motivate someone else.

So I think you can imagine that by the time admissions season is over, we’re ready for a little break ;)

But in the meantime, we’re hard at work. Essays, letters of rec, transcripts, forms, interviews: Hermiona helps you with all of it. It’s a long race, but we’re in it the entire way through!



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