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Introducing: "How to Build Relationships and Communicate with People"

While in school, knowledge is measured in very concrete ways - via material learned in school, homework assignments and tests. Students learn to assess their own abilities through academic performance, matching certain learning objectives and milestones. Learning the table of multiplication? 5-paragraph essay structure? Names of all US presidents in order? All so-called "hard" skills. Our educational system has long rewarded those who excelled at those tangible achievements. What happened to students whose strengths lay outside the realm of tangible skills? They were labelled as "street smart."

Years later, those "street smart" skills are envied by the former A-students. One day, we all wake up and realize that everyone around us seems to know how to do something - file taxes, use a french press, select the right wine. In a blink of an eye, we fall behind in something we didn't realize we were supposed to be learning in the first place. My moment of truth was waking up one morning and realizing that social activities for my age group went from vegging out watching Netflix on a couch to group workout sessions. Amidst a flurry of colored leggings and sneakers, I found myself utterly lost what to even do at the gym, or where to start. Now these are still fairly hard skills - although applicable to real life, they have concrete steps and can be learned through coachings, lessons, or YouTube videos. What about more ambiguous abilities - "soft skills"? Writing a good email that guarantees a response, maintaining a long-distance friendship, packaging your entire identity into a 30-second speech are all non-trivial and incredibly essential tasks in the work place. Many resources online claim to have the expertise and magical key to succeeding at them, but the majority of the population remains totally in the dark on the successful execution. Unfortunate, that in the age of digital information, people are still left to fend for themselves...

This is where our new project, Hermiona University comes in! We're happy to announce that in our lineup of innovative courses led by industry experts, our own CEO Yelena Kadeykina joint with celebrity media-trainer Marta Molfar will be leading a pilot course on an array of "soft skills." Participants will learn how to use their voice to construct the right "first impression," build and maintain a social/professional network, get better at public speaking, and many other communication techniques. It is truly a unique opportunity to learn something in a classroom setting that is rarely taught or presented in a structured way. The benefits of this to a young professional are evident, but students of all ages should consider joining! Imagine: being able to get an A on any class presentation, network and communicate to get your dream internship, find your voice and present it in a well-packaged application to the university of your dreams - guaranteeing a solid chance of admission! I have to admit, I could have benefited from a course like this in high school or college. Instead, I acquired some of the necessary skills through a painful process of trial and error - costing me several amazing opportunities. Don't wait to learn tomorrow, what you can learn today - and invest in your future by registering for HermionaU courses ASAP!

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