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Online webinar “From building your story to creating your list: Acing your college admissions process”

Updated: May 25

Date&time: June 3rd,  8 p.m. EST 

Where: Online 

Are you feeling confident that you fully understand every aspect of the university application process? Have you gotten up to speed on all the latest changes in admissions dynamics and adjusted your choices for your child's classes, activities, and summer plans? If not, don't worry - it's completely normal to feel overwhelmed or confused by all the information out there! In this webinar, Hermiona Education's friendly experts will break down these dynamics and hot topics in a simple way. Getting into a great university may be tougher than ever, but Hermiona makes it easy for you to understand what it takes.

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In this webinar, we will tackle the following subjects, and take parent questions:

  1. Optimizing your child's use of the summer - a long-term planning approach.

  2. Understanding recent trends in admissions, from the changes to standardized testing policy to shifting strategies on extracurricular time investment.

  3. What qualities do universities want to see in a candidate and what do they mean when they say they want you to craft a unique story through your application? How can you emphasize strengths and compensate for less-than-perfect aspects of the application (e.g., a lower GPA)?

  4. What kinds of elite institutions are out there, what are the pros and cons of different ones, and which is the best fit for your child?

  5. In a world in which going to BU costs $90K when you count all expenses, how can you best balance your child's university list given your family's financial realities?

By the end of the webinar, you'll feel equipped with the knowledge and tools to create a winning roadmap for your child's success. Embrace this opportunity to gain valuable insights and expert guidance. Together, we'll ensure you and your child are well-prepared for the journey ahead, leading to a stack of exciting acceptance letters!

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About Hermiona Education: 

Hermiona Education has been in the education space since 2017. In admission services, we have a 100% success rate in overall admissions about approximately 85% of our students are accepted to Reach- and Dream-level schools and colleges, but we also share our expertise with all parents looking to optimize their children's extracurricular participation, understand how best to use a summer, or simply feel less overwhelmed by processes that seem to become more complex and competitive every year.


About speakers: 

Yelena Kadeykina 

— an alumna of and consultant for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as well as a high-tech entrepreneur and an educational expert. 

Yelena is a mentor and board member of several international startups, a Forbes contributor, and a speaker at the International Economics Olympiad. She has extensive experience in the educational landscape and has authored programs for gifted children.

Currently, Yelena is serving as CEO of Hermiona Education, an educational company which she founded.

Julia Barr 

Before receiving her doctorate with distinction from the University of Chicago, Julia Barr graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and then Middlebury College as valedictorian. 

As a scholar, Julia has authored multiple articles published in peer-reviewed journals, including in the flagship English-language journal in the field of History of Science. Julia has a deep expertise on the American higher education landscape born of extensive experience in top private and public research universities, elite liberal arts colleges, and specialized institutions. 

Alongside her work at Hermiona, Julia has also completed coursework towards an M.S. in the field of mental health counseling, in the course of which she has studied such topics as client-centered interviewing techniques, career development and assessment, and personality testing.

Janice Cheon

Janice is a Ph.D. student in German Studies and Film & Media Studies at Yale University.

She graduated from Princeton University (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) with a degree in German and certificates (minors) in Humanistic Studies, Medieval Studies, and Music Performance.

She then completed her MSt in Modern Languages with distinction as an Ertegun Scholar in the Humanities at the University of Oxford.

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