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Kostyantyn Melnychuk

Age: 10 years old

Grade: 4

Location before the war: Kyiv

Current location: Kyiv

In peacetime, Kostya was fond of sports, loved to draw, and enthusiastically played the guitar. He also studied foreign languages. But with the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the guy's life turned upside down. Kostya joined the Sunflower 101 initiative to improve his understanding and knowledge of the English language, as well as to improve his communication skills in his native language.

“Liora, thank you so much! You are an incredible teacher. Kostya runs to your lessons with such enthusiasm, I have never seen anything like this, and then after the lesson he begins to tell how interesting your classes were. Thank you for your dedication, your work and help to children. Your classes are a valuable gift. Thank you for coming into our lives!” - this is how his mother, Natalia Melnichuk, speaks about her son's studies.

And Kostya himself says the following about Storytelling:

"Hi everyone! I really want to share my impressions of the Storytelling classes conducted by Marta Molfar. I should say right away that if you expect something ordinary and specific, then YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE! At first I also thought that Storytelling was not my class, because I'm very restless, I like to run, play, spend time in the fresh air, well, perhaps, like the most ordinary child... And then my mother suggested that I try Storytelling!But after the first lesson, I realize that I’m looking forward to the second lesson, and then the third ... the fourth, to laugh, learn to be yourself and learn the skills that make you really cool among friends. I would like to thank Marta for sharing her knowledge with us, which makes it possible to tell stories in an interesting way, to captivate from the first minutes of communication and successfully convince my friends."

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