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Polina Kotlyarova

Age: 14 years old

Grade: 8

Location before the war: Kyiv

Current location: Portugal

Polina enjoys watching historical films and series, in her free time she goes in for equestrian sports and she can spend a lot of time at the stable, surrounded by her favorite horses. In addition to equestrian sports, the girl likes to walk with her friends along the central streets of Kyiv. Polina joined the Sunflower 101 initiative to improve her English skills. Also, with the help of classes, she wants to learn how to build a conversation and feel comfortable in a company where people speak a foreign language.

“I like my English class. There is a comfortable atmosphere. The teacher is nice and funny. Lessons are interesting and cognitive, so I think I can recommend them”- this is how Polina speaks of our English lessons.

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