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You might want to be a businessman in Portugal or a biochemical engineer in Ukraine.  Chances are that no matter where you are from or your field of interest, knowing English will allow you to progress faster and further than otherwise possible. Simply put, English is the lingua franca of today’s globalized world, and there’s no better place to study it than in the United States.


Though precise statistics vary by source, roughly a third of the world’s 100 best universities are located in the United States, double the number of the country in second-place: The United Kingdom. There’s a good reason why the American education system is the best in the world: culture. US institutions like MIT pride themselves on challenging conventional thinking and driving innovation. This attitude of striving to constantly improve permeates every facet of studies at American schools and then trickles down to its students. Only by studying in the United States can you join the American tradition that has propelled the country to its position atop the international system.


However, maybe even more importantly, by studying in the United States you will be surrounded by the future leaders of the world. A 2016 study by LinkedIn found that 85 percent of jobs are filled via networking. By graduating from a school like Harvard or Yale, you will get access to the global community of American university alumni. These connections with other successful and brilliant individuals who share the American values of entrepreneurship, optimism, and drive will will prove indispensable no matter what career you choose.

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