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Assistant to Director of Education

10-15 hours/week


The Role:

Hermiona Education, a fast-growing education consulting company based in Cambridge, MA, is looking for an assistant for its Director of Education, Julia Barr. You’d be joining a team of dedicated educators and graduates of top American universities who help international students gain acceptance to the universities of their dreams. In this role, you’d be interacting directly with students and universities/colleges/private schools, helping families navigate the process: from first touring a campus to finalizing their enrollment and even providing cultural support after matriculation.


  • High level of organizational skills and attention to details/deadlines: you will be responsible for (for example) making sure that all elements of an application have been correctly submitted on time. You will be working with multiple students at a time while keeping track of all deadlines, most of which are inflexible and high-stakes.

  • Excellent communication skills, intercultural experience, and relationship-building skills: you will be responsible for doing the behind-the-scenes work of leading families through the application process/tutoring/summer programs, meaning that you will need to be able to explain – clearly, concisely, promptly, and in excellent written and spoken English – what exactly is needed from the student in a way that individuals with different communication norms and expectations can understand.

  • A flexible schedule that gives you at least 2-3 hours of availability on daily basis: you will be expected to complete many tasks the same day that they are given (within reason)

  • Flawless English

  • Top-notch professional writing skills: in many cases, you will be the official, professional face of Hermiona to educational institutions.

  • Past experience working with students: can be tutoring, advising, formal teaching, mentoring, etc. - we will ask for two references

  • B.A. in any field

  • Working knowledge of American university application systems (Common App required, others desired)


  • Background in Slavic/Eurasian studies

  • Experience in management/workflow design

  • Experience working in multicultural teams

  • Experience working remotely

  • Any knowledge of or past experience in American private or boarding prep schools

What we offer:

  • A team of motivated individuals from around the world

  • Work with students from a variety of backgroundscement

  • Flexible schedule and workload

  • Lucrative compensation 

  • Opportunities for professional growth and advan

If selected, you will receive a test assignment that will involve a mock situation with a student. We look forward to receiving your application.

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