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Educational Consultant

5-10 hours/week


Who we are:
Hermiona Education is an educational consulting company dedicated to giving everyone the opportunity to experience academic excellence. The experts on our team are more than just tutors and consultants: they tailor their strategy to the needs of each individual student, acting as mentors through every step of students’ development. By working with the same students from middle school through college, we have the time and tools necessary to not only prepare them for admissions tests, but also to set them on a long-term path to success. By molding their study habits, extracurricular activities, and even character we help them excel in their fields of interest. Our diverse team of tutors, mentors, and consultants spans 20 countries and speaks over 15 different languages.
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The Role:

The Educational Consultant (EC) works with students either on admission campaigns to schools, universities, and summer programs. The EC helps the student to discover his/her own best story that will be most compelling to an admissions committee, and to convey that story in the student’s own voice. The EC is Hermiona’s most direct link to the student, and this should ideally be a mentorship relationship that inspires the student to achieve success, self-discovery, and greater ability to articulate the student’s own special story and value.


  • Previous success in writing admissions essays to top-15 U.S. universities

  • Responsibility, professionalism, and ability to motivate students and select an appropriate approach for each one

  • Outstanding organizational skills

  • In possession of or currently pursuing B.A. or B.S. from a top U.S. or U.K. university

  • Ability to meet tight deadlines

  • Flexibility

  • Outstanding writing skills and creativity

  • Experience working with students of all backgrounds and skill sets



  • Previous success in writing admissions essays to U.K. universities including Oxbridge

  • Admissions consulting experience

  • Experience training others for academic or internship interviews

  • Experience teaching remotely

  • Knowledge of Chinese, Russian, Spanish, or Ukrainian in addition to English

  • Project management experience

  • Availability in mornings and on weekends

  • Ability to motivate STEM students to see the critical role of writing in a successful admissions campaign

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