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Hermiona College Essay Writing Intensive Testimonials

Summer isn't how we planned it -- but Hermiona is here to help! As part of Hermiona University, we just wrapped up our first session of our College Essay Writing Intensive, where students learn about the whole essay-writing process, from drafting to deep revision to final edits. Best of all, they finished the session with a complete, polished draft of an essay answering a prompt from the Common App!

This first session was taught by Hermiona educational consultant (+ current Princeton student and internationally published writer) Zaza Asatiani. In addition to lessons with Zaza, students had weekly 15-minute mentorship sessions with Polina Ivanova, PhD candidate at Harvard University, and Leora Eisenberg (that's me!), recent Princeton graduate. It was an intensive course -- and a challenge for all of the students. But here's what two of them had to say by the end:

Veronika Volevich:

"Writing a strong and engaging application essay plays a key role in evaluation of a candidate by the university faculty. However, when it comes to writing the essay, students get confused. I, personally, was not aware of how to organize my essay.

Hermiona Writing Intensive taught me to not only structure my essay, but to organize my ideas in order to deliver them properly. I learned new approaches to formulate my thoughts in a way that would engage the reader. Sessions were taught by students from top American Universities and developed my creative thinking and writing skills. Moreover, these sessions developed my communication skills. Numerous writing exercises along with peer feedback activities exercises have resulted in my completed application essay, which I am extremely proud of."

Sasha Barinsky:

"Over a four-week span I, alongside two other students, was engaged in a brilliant series of webinars that guided us along the journey of self-expression and self-marketing through the form of the written word...

All in all, this course has helped me obtain confidence in my writing and master skills necessary for the future. I am now left with a great essay that I will use, with some modifications, when application time arrives, as well as a brand new skill set that will undoubtedly come in handy. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to excel in essay writing, and simultaneously get a taste of collegiate-level pace, expectations and evaluation criteria."

Put your summer to good use and learn the skills you'll need to write a stellar college application essay! Spots are filling quickly, so be sure to register for the 2nd session of the Hermiona College Essay Writing Intensive here:

We (and me personally, since I'll be mentoring students again!) are looking forward to seeing you soon + reading your writing!


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