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Hermiona on the Road: Everything You Need to Know About Our Workshops

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Hermiona is on the road — again! Increasingly, people from around the world are interested in learning about how to gain admission to top American summer programs, boarding schools, and universities, and we are excited to offer our expert advice. American universities represent eight of the top ten universities in the world, and their graduates include world leaders, Nobel Prize laureates, and dozens of leaders in fields ranging from computer science to literature. The graduates of top American schools and universities include Jeff Bezos, the CEO of, Google chairman Eric Schmidt, former US President Barack Obama, and current Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.  Last year, you might have seen us in Moscow and Kiev leading workshops on these topics, but this year, you’ll have even more opportunities to interact and learn with us. We’ll be answering many of your burning questions, such as the following:

What makes the American education system so unique — and why is it so valuable to be a part of it?

When should you start preparing to apply?

Why are American summer programs important? And which are the ones to pay attention to?

How do you make yourself stand out from the pack?

What kind of achievements (in sports, music, etc.) will enhance your application?

How do you win scholarships and finance your education abroad?

Now, who are our experts and why should you be listening to them?

Yelena Kadeykina, graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Yelena is a serial entrepreneur living and working in the US. She is the founder of several technology start-ups, an expert in the field of intersection of education and innovation. Her latest project, Hermiona Education, provides distance learning and support services for students seeking to successfully realize their potential in a new country. Hermiona students were admitted to a number of the world’s top schools such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, NYU, and many others.

Leora Eisenberg, senior at Princeton University

Leora, a consultant on the Hermiona team, is the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards over the course of her four years at Princeton, which have allowed her to conduct research in Central Asia and fund her studies. She is the author of numerous publications that have appeared in publications such as The Huffington Post, Tablet Magazine, Voices on Central Asia, and the Princeton Undergraduate Research Journal; is fluent in 5 languages and has learned many others. Leora helps students from all over the world fulfill their potential in American schools, universities, and summer programs.

Already excited? Sign up and find an event near you! The link to register is here.

November 5, 2019: Moscow

November 10, 2019: Moscow

November 14, 2019: Novosibirsk

November 18, 2019: Almaty

November 21, 2019: Kiev

November 25, 2019: London

Our first event will be moderated by Olga Smyshlyaeva, an avid traveler, an entrepreneur, and founder of Wanderlust Travel Agency. In her past life, Olga was one of the top managers at Lukoil. She holds a law degree from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. As the mother of four children, she has much firsthand experience in giving children the very best education.

Our second event will be moderated by Olga Chukanova, an expert on education abroad at Business Ocean, where she has worked for over five years. With her guidance, dozens of children and parents alike have successfully gone through the process of admissions and education in schools and universities in the US, UK, and Europe. She will be talking to attendees about the Silicon Valley-based iD Tech computer programming camps for kids. Olga will also be making an announcement about the upcoming trip to the US in May!



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