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HermionaU Instructor Spotlight: Maxim Istomin

For younger students not yet ready to learn C++ or Java, Logo is a simpler language that creates a smooth introduction to programming for its learners. HermionaU instructor Maxim Istomin's course "The Basics of Programming for Teens using Logo" will take its students on a comprehensive and fun journey, teaching them how to understand the fundamental elements of programming and game design. In addition to being familiarized with elementary programming techniques, students will also learn how to utilize basic mechanisms of a computer itself. By the end of this course, students will know how to use Logo to program a basic game, integrate core principles of data science, such as algorithms, data structures, and recursion into their code, and utilize “programmatic thinking” to solve practical problems like logical paradoxes.

Maxim Istomin first began programming at the age of eight when he wrote a maze game in Logo. Since then, he has learned C++, Robot C, and Java. His studies of computer science have taken him around the world, including most recently to Harvard University. Maxim is currently interning at Hermiona Education. As a student himself, he has a unique perspective on teaching this subject to beginners.

Istomin's course "The Basics of Programming for Teens using Logo" is aimed for students between the ages of 10-14. Class will meet twice a week for 60 minutes each day, and the course will span 4 weeks in total. Each interactive class holds 10-12 students, and sessions will be held from June 15th to July 12th, and July 6th - August 2nd.

For students who wish to learn how to program (and additionally, design games) in a simpler format before learning more advanced languages, Maxim Istomin's course is a perfect match. Who better to learn from than a self-motivated leader who has perfected his craft at Harvard University? The course is guaranteed to be both fun and thorough, and is an opportunity that young, developing programmers can use as a stepping stone in advancing their education.



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