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Learn about the US education through Hermiona Ambassadors initiative

Hermiona is composed of a remarkably diverse group of people. My colleagues mentioned in several previous blogs how our team includes math majors to history professors, students of University of Indiana - Urbana-Champaign and alumni of Harvard University. A team with such expansive interests and specialities means that we try to help our students from every angle, giving every aspect of their education the attention they deserve.

To expand our efforts we decided to kick off a new project Hermiona Ambassador. Who are Hermiona Ambassadors? The are our current students, alumni, consultants and all those who share our mission and whom we’ve chosen to represent us. These are people who have chosen to share their experiences with Hermiona in an effort to spread the word about how can you excel in the US educational system. Our ambassadors post on their social media (and in some special cases, might do something like an “Instagram takeover”) in order to make sure that as many people as possible can access and learn an education in the United States!

One example of a Hermiona ambassador is our student Polina Chubarova, who just this year began her studies at the Taft School, one of the top thirty boarding schools in the United States! On our Instagram, you’ll see that in an interview, she said that she chose it “because it’s quite a prestigious school with a very welcoming atmosphere.” We are excited to have her represent us on social media, share her story, and join our team of educators — in addition to students, and Hermiona alumni! Here’s a taste of what she has to say about her American educational experience: “My path began with summer programs at places like Choate Rosemary Hall and Hotchkiss, which members of the Hermiona team selected for me. I really liked the atmosphere and educational process of boarding schools — and that’s why I chose to come to America. A big bonus is that an American education is highly valued on the job market.”

Keep an eye on our social media for more of what Polina (and our other Hermiona ambassadors!) have to say about education in the United States. We’re excited to have you learn about education in the US from our students’ and alumni’s perspective. You can find our Facebook page here or follow us on Instagram at P.S. If you are not currently not a part of Hermiona network, but interested in becoming our ambassador, please e-mail me at yelena at



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