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                   Why Join?

This initiative aims to provide free support to Ukrainian schoolchildren and university students from low-income families who:

  • Are no longer able to attend school;

  • Are stuck in the US and unable to return home from school and university;

  • Want to leave Ukraine in the near future.

        How Are We Helping?

All funds raised will be used to finance Hermiona’s advising and consulting support.

This includes:

  • Assessing students’ current academic level;

  • Selecting academically appropriate schools or universities to apply to;

  • Providing a consultation (45 minutes) to answer questions about education in the US and help students navigate their current circumstances.


Become part of the initiative

10% of all payments we receive for regular services from now until the end of May will go toward sponsoring this initiative. Of course, everyone is also invited to make a contribution of any amount convenient for them.


The purpose of Hermiona Education’s Sunflower fundraising drive

Ukrainian students’ daily routines might be on hold due to the current war, but their educational goals and dreams are not. Many students from Ukraine are now asking for our help in determining their educational trajectory and explaining the options they have in the current circumstances.


The Hermiona team would like to share its intimate knowledge of the US educational system with the Ukrainian families now seeking our help in large numbers, many of whom find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. With that in mind, we are creating a fundraising campaign to allow us to provide free or greatly discounted educational services to these Ukrainian student dreamers affected by the war.

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