What: Online courses in English, art therapy, and literature for students (ages 10+) whose education has been disrupted by the war


When: Starting March 28th 2022


Where: In a convenient online format

How: Register HERE!


Mission Statement

The national flower of Ukraine is the sunflower – and at Hermiona, we believe that students, like sunflowers, need care and nurturing in order to grow. Ukrainian students are especially in need of support given the massive disruptions that they are experiencing to their daily lives and academic success.


Hermiona’s dedicated instructors are ready to share their experience in English, art therapy, and literature with students who are currently unable to go to school or find themselves struggling to cope with the situations they are faced with. We hope that these courses provide Ukrainian students the opportunity to thrive – to the extent that they can – even in times of war so that they can go on to grow like sunflowers.


Leora Eisenberg

Leora Eisenberg earned her B.A. at Princeton University and is a current Ph.D. student at Harvard University. She is an experienced English instructor and has worked with dozens of students of all ages with a proven track record of success. Leora has won numerous fellowships and awards, including the Critical Language Scholarship and Labouisse Prize. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling and learning foreign languages – she is currently learning her tenth!

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Age group: 9-13



Age group: 8-16

Marta Molfar

Marta Molfar has one of Ukraine’s most recognizable voices: Walt Disney Studios called it “the kindest-sounding” in recognition of her work voicing Glinda, Oz’s lover, in the 2013 blockbuster Oz the Great and Powerful. Marta has voiced over 200 movies and 1000 advertisements. She has twenty years of experience as a radio host, has conducted countless interviews with a wide variety of fascinating individuals, and has created her own programming on several radio stations. Marta is also the author of several film scripts and two books about Ukraine and Ukrainians.


Polina Ivanova

Polina Ivanova recently earned her Ph.D. in History at Harvard University, where she also earned her M.A. in 2015. She graduated summa cum laude from Bosphorus University (Istanbul) with a B.A. in History. Polina is the recipient of numerous academic fellowships and awards, and has taught courses in European History at Harvard College and holds two Certificates of Distinction in Teaching awarded by the Harvard Bok Centre for Teaching and Learning. Outside academia, Polina enjoys hiking, learning new languages, and reading about historical linguistics.

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Age group: 14-17