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Sunflower Education Fund

The Hermiona Education team is ready to share its intimate knowledge of the US education system with families who find themselves in difficult situations.


With this in mind, we are establishing a fundraising initiative to provide free or heavily discounted services to students affected by the war. Our initiative consists of three branches: Sunflower 101, Sunflower Navigation, and Sunflower Gifted. More details about each branch of the Sunflower Education Fund can be found below.



Online classes in various subjects for interested students



Online classes for gifted students



Assistance in finding suitable educational opportunities in the USA

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Kostyantyn Melnychuk

"Hi everyone! I really want to share my impressions of the Storytelling classes conducted by Marta Molfar. I should say right away that if you expect something ordinary and specific, then YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE!.."

Dasha Miropolskaya

"I really like English lessons with our teacher Leora. This is a very good opportunity to learn English, learn something new, meet new people and have fun..."

Become part of the initiative

10% of all payments we receive for regular services from now until the end of May will go toward sponsoring this initiative. Of course, everyone is also invited to make a contribution of any amount convenient for them.

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